General Housekeeping and Hygiene Standards (from our employee handbook)

  •  Wear a fresh pair of gloves when entering a clients home
  •  Use cloth according to colour coding and dispose of used ones immediatly in the appropriate bag
  •  Start at the top of the house and work your way down, in flats from the furthest end to the front door
  •  Empty and sanitise all bins and replace liner (change and dispose gloves)
  •  Final step of all cleans- Spray and wipe with surface sanitiser (all switches, handles, banisters, railings and high traffic surfaces)
  •  Dispose of gloves and wash hands with soap according to hand washing guidelines.
  •  Desinfect cleaning caddy
  •  Check that all windows are locked and property is secure 

Bedrooms/Living area 

  •  Check for cobwebs 
  •  Dust windowsills and check windows for prints and marks (clean where neccessary) 
  •  Water thursty plants
  •  Tidy toys, books and clothing from floor 
  •  Change bed linen/ make the beds 
  •  Dust/ wipe all surfaces including bedside table/table lamps 
  •  Clean mirrors, picture frames
  •  Lift sofa cushion, hoover beneath and plump up 
  •  Hoover/mop flooring 


  • Throughly descale, sanitise and dry tiled areas, bathtubs, sinks, showers and screens
  •  Descale, sanitise and polish fixtures
  •  Clean and polish bathroom furniture
  •  Descale and sanitise toilets (change and dispose gloves)
  •  Clean and mop flooring


  • Lift utensils and clean beneath
  •  Clean and polish hob and extractor
  •  Clean microwave/Kettle/Toaster
  •  Clean and polish kitchen fronts/fridge door
  •  Clean, descale and polish sink and fittings
  •  Clean window and windowsill
  •  Clean and mop flooring 




What is included in the service

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